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Friday, August 14, 2009

Vasundhara Raje- the leader to be or not to be..

Past many days there has been mounting pressure on Ms. Raje to step down from the post of leader of opposition from the party high command. This was very obvious after the terrible defeat of BJP in the assembly and lok sabha election.BJP's tally cam down from 28 to 3 in loksabha seats while in assembly they lost to congress by 78-98 in a assemly of 200.
What is hurting more the high command is loss in the Lok sabha elections, they excepted some good results from Rajasthan. Well anti-incumbancy worked for congress in Rajasthan then anything else.
The decision on Raje will be taken together by Advani and Rajnath singh.The house seems to be divided on the issue. Though it seems Raje has got the backing of Advani; it will be difficult of her to escapse this time because of the RSS factor.It won't be easy for Advani to remove Raje as he himself is been pressurised by RSS for his successor.
Once one of the strongest leader of rajasthan today is fighting for her status as leader of opposition. Bichari Raje!!

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